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Breaking the Diet Cycle
A New Way to Health and Well-Being

Sick of Dieting?

Right now, you may be feeling:

  • Out of control around food

  • Uncomfortable in your body

  • Overwhelmed when making food decisions

  • Unsure how to take care of your body without diets

  • Guilt and shame when eating

Imagine a life where…

You’re free from the hold of diet culture

You feel more at home in your body

Eating feels easy and enjoyable

You feel confident listening to and trusting your body

You can live a happier, healthier, and fuller life!

This 4 week group program will help you: 

  • Explore the impacts of diet culture in your life

  • Learn how to reject diet culture and the diet mentality to repair your relationship with food and body

  • Create goals that go beyond dieting and feel sustainable

  • Learn how to implement principles of Health at Every Size and become more neutral about your body

  • Learn to navigate stressful diet and body talk

  • Explore mindfulness as a tool in developing body trust

  • Learn how to practice gentle nutrition to nourish yourself without diet culture

  • Receive support and wisdom from group members on the same journey

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Support Group

What's Included

  • Weekly video calls with a registered dietitian

  • Printable resources including recaps of each week's topics

  • Weekly journal prompts to help you dive more into each week's topic

  • Access to a group chat to connect with other group members, ask questions, or share your experiences throughout the program

  • Chat and email support from a registered dietitian between sessions

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Weekly Topics

Week 1: Intro to the Group and Diet Culture

Explore the ways in which diet culture has impacted your relationship with food and your body. Connect with others over shared experiences and learn how to move forward from diet culture.

Week 2: A New Way for Goal Setting

Take your journey to the next step by learning how to reject the diet mentality. Discover new ways to set goals that are flexible, anti-diet, and actually sustainable by exploring the motivation behind your goals.

Week 3: Health at Every Size and Body Neutrality

Learn how to challenge the myths that say you need to change your body in order to be happy and healthy. Learn the science behind Health at Every Size and explore how to improve body image and your ability to care for your body at any size or weight.

Week 4: Gentle Nutrition and Body Trust

Learn how to incorporate nutrition principles into your life by using intuitive eating and mindfulness to nourish and develop trust with your body.

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Your Facilitators


Rebecca Schmitke

Registered Dietitian

I became a dietitian because I love connecting with others over food and nutrition. It is my passion to help others heal and develop a more nuanced, confident, and peaceful relationship between food and their bodies. I would love to come alongside you wherever you find yourself on this journey!


In addition to working with eating disorders, I have a robust background in prenatal and postpartum nutrition counseling. As a mother myself, I personally understand the complexities regarding changes in body image and nutritional needs during this beautiful yet often jarring season. Outside of nutrition counseling, I keep busy exploring the world with my two kids and husband. You’ll often find me drinking coffee, practicing yoga, painting furniture, or whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen.

Jessica Manginelli

Registered Dietitian

My passion for nutrition really took root because of my background in athletics. In college, I was a 4 year Varsity Rower, and prior to that I had been competing in various sports since the age of four. 


From being impacted by disordered eating habits myself that caused me to not be able to reach my potential in college and seeing other teammates struggle with body image and food, I learned that sports nutrition is a lot more than just eating protein. Now as I live life as a retired athlete, I see how the difficulties of additional body changes and changes in eating patterns affect an individual’s relationship with food. I strive to help all people mend their relationship with food and body and guide them to take steps toward stress free eating.


My goal is to help clients understand the why behind their decisions and to give them the space to challenge unhealthy behaviors so that they can focus on the aspects of their lives that they truly value.

Are you ready to break the cycle?

Must be 18 years or older. This group is not recommended for individuals with an active eating disorder.

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